Connecting design, craft, art and community in the Berkshires

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What is Studio for Integrated Craft?


Studio for Integrated Craft is a place where professional craftspeople, designers and artists can work and thrive. When renovations are complete, SIC will contain several small creative businesses, rentable studio spaces for craftspeople and artists, including a textile studio and wood shop and a gallery.



Where is it?

Find us wedged between the railroad tracks and river at the corner of Park Street and Front street in Housatonic, MA. Located in the former Monument Mills, SIC was created with an eye toward continuing the legacy of craft in the Berkshires and furthering bonds between the community of Housatonic and the mills that have helped define the area’s history and landscape. The building has been a hub of creative activity since 1850, and we aim to keep that alive.



What is "integrated craft?"

We believe that connecting materials, people and workspaces in a conscious way makes for good design and craftsmanship.




[sic] is a nod to idiosyncrasy and originality. Yes, it can be a note of error when quoting an original text, but we choose to look at it as the mark of a maker, of a real person behind ideas and the hands that made a thought come to life. 



Who is behind SIC?

Asher and Jamie Israelow founded Studio for Integrated Craft in 2018 with the goal of fostering a professional creative community and housing their own small design businesses, Asher Israelow Studio and Hart textiles



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call us at 413.274.5068
write to PO Box 795, Housatonic, MA 01236



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